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Volunteer Spotlight: Tamsin Woolley February 3, 2012

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FVPC is dedicated to serving Orange County with a variety of services, including our 24-hour hotline.  Hotline Advocates assist clients in need with Domestic Violence Protective Orders, do safety planning, offer crisis counseling, refer out to partner agencies, screen for support group, and much more.  Advocates are an asset to the Center and provide essential services to clients.  Tamsin Woolley is one of our Hotline Advocates and she is this month’s “Volunteer Spotlight”!

How long have you been volunteering at FVPC?

Almost a year (10 months to be exact!)

What do you do with us?

Currently, I am an overnight advocate.  However, during the first 5 months I worked as a daytime advocate in the office assisting with the hotline and walk-in clients.  I also assisted Lisi in court as a court advocate (which was my favorite!).

How did you learn about FVPC?

I was searching for a domestic violence agency in the triangle to volunteer and came across the FVPC website!

Why do you volunteer?

I have a strong passion for working with women in domestic violence relationships.  I have always found personal joy in being able to empower women.  It is especially satisfying to help women in domestic violence relationships to find their voices and regain control of their lives.

What are your future plans/ideas?

For the long term, I’d love to end up working for a DV agency helping survivors and their children.  For the short term, I plan to continue being an overnight advocate through the duration of my MSW program.  I would also like to coordinate a spoken-word poetry event giving survivors and supporters the opportunity to share their stories and let their voices be heard through creativity.

What would you tell prospective volunteers?

There is not always a solution; sometimes all you can do is listen.  Listening is a very powerful but underused tool.  Being an advocate and spending time listening to the stories of women and men that haven’t been able to have their voices heard is appreciated.

Thank you so much for everything that you do, Tamsin!