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Love Your Body Day! October 19, 2011

Filed under: healthy living — Women's Studies Intern @ 10:30 am

Everyone deserves love free from violence. FVPC strives to help survivors of domestic violence in their journey to safety, both physically and emotionally. It feels important for us to recognize that every one of us deserve to live in a world without violence, but also that each of us deserves love.

Today, October 19, The National Organization of Women (NOW) is hosting their 14th annual Love Your Body DayLove Your Body Day is a space to counter the harmful and unrealistic beauty standards society places upon women. We tend to focus on violence perpetrated on us by others, but today, I encourage you to take the time to consider the violence you do to yourself. Social pressures and images often tell us, women especially, that we are not good enough because we fail to follow the certain way that the cosmetic, fashion, diet, industries define beautiful.

The first step to overcoming any situation is to recognize it. Love Your Body Day helps us do just that!  Restricting yourself to a singular, unattainable body ideal breeds low self-esteem, body hatred, and issues of self worth. It is never okay for someone else to abuse you. So stop abusing yourself and embrace who you are in every way.

This year, to celebrate Love Your Body Day, NOW is hosting a blog carnival. They are inviting all bloggers to get their creativity flowing and write about issues surrounding body image. Blogs can be about eating disorders, cosmetic surgery, advertising and media influence on young girls/women, gender norms, stories about loving yourself, or a topic of your choosing. For more details click here. Not interested in writing? Go to NOW’s  Say it, Sister! blog to read the posts  from bloggers around the nation.

Celebrate Love Your Body Day today! You are beautiful! Believe it and tell a friend that they are too. If you need a reminder, just click here.


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