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Poverty Simulation Needs Volunteers! August 19, 2011

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Would you like to have a better understanding of poverty and how it affects the lives of those who live through it? The United Way of the Greater Triangle is facilitating Poverty Simulations as a way to promote awareness of the issues surrounding poverty and the need for human services.

The next Poverty Simulation is currently scheduled for Tuesday, August 30 from 2:30pm-6pm at Christ United Methodist Church in Chapel Hill, but they need volunteers to make it happen!  Volunteers do not need to be affiliated with the church.  Each volunteer will be given a specific role to play in the simulation.  There will be an hour long training a few days prior to the simulation.

Here at FVP, we know there is a clear correlation between poverty and domestic violence, as this article issued by the Office of Violence Against Women discusses.  Their findings are quite similar to what we know where in office:

  • During harder financial times,  we see our client numbers increase as people grow more desperate for help.  And;
  • The relationship swings the other way as well: the challenges and high stress of domestic violence conditions can cause financial scarcity

Sadly, a lack of financial security is also one of the reasons why domestic violence victims remain in their unsafe relationships.  One way that abusers control their victims is through financial means: they don’t allow their partner to work; or call their partner at work and demand that they return home; they show up at their partner’s work so often that the partner loses their job because others become afraid; they deliberately pay less child support than agreed; they force their partner to work multiple jobs and they opt not to work.  This list could go on and on.

If you would like more knowledge about the challenges DV victims and others in poverty face, consider getting involved with the Poverty Simulation!  Or if you are simply interested in attending, contact Laurie Williamson: lwilliamson(at)unitedwaytriangle(dot)org


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