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Rights and responsibilities in relationships May 26, 2011

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Meeting a new person and beginning an intimate relationship is often thrilling and joyful. People have a new found sense of hope, happiness, and excitement that is intoxicating. Often times these new relationships pick up speed and one or both of the people involved get wrapped up in the moment. In the beginning everything can move  so fast that sometimes it is easy to forget yourself, and to instead mold yourself into acting the way that you think your partner would most like. However, long term this behavior can lead to a lack of open communication with your partner as well as feelings of resentment.

Through all of the excitement and adventure it is important to take some time for yourself and remember what your rights are in any relationship. A document called the Dating Bill Of Rights outlines some of the crucial aspects of a relationship that are easy to forget when swept away with the feeling of new love.  Let’s take a look:

I have the right to:

1. Ask for a date or refuse a date.

2. Have friends and space apart from my partner.

3. Change my mind – at any time.

4. Always be treated with respect.

5. Say NO.

6. My own body, thoughts, feelings, opinions, and property.

7. Not be abused.

I have the responsibility to:

1. Not threaten to harm myself or another.

2. Communicate, not manipulate.

3. Take care of myself.

4. Determine my limits and my values.

5. Express my own feelings, wants, and needs with honesty.

6. Resolve conflicts with out violence.

7. To encourage my girlfriend or boyfriend to pursue his or her dreams.

It is always important to remember that in order to make your partner feel happy, safe, and loved, you must feel the same way. Understanding that you have the right to set boundaries and have them respected, and have the right to your feelings along with the responsibility to express them can lead to a very healthy and lasting relationship.

If you want more information about what your rights are in a relationship, or feel like your rights are being violated please call our hotline at 919-929-7122.


One Response to “Rights and responsibilities in relationships”

  1. LR Says:

    “1. Ask for a date or refuse a date.”

    But the problem is, our society teaches girls never to approach boys for conversation, ask for dates, initiate phone calls, texts, and e-mails, show interest, and court boys at all. Instead we teach girls to be approachable, uninterested in boys, play games with them, and make them jealous while we teach boys only to chase after girls, show interest, and court them. When girls ask for dates and court boys, we look at them as slutty, cheap, eager for sex, desperate, bitchy, and so on. When boys ask for dates, initiate conversations, and court girls, we think he’s just being a man and more principled. It’s am unfair double standard. Even the media teaches this as well, including books and articles about dating and relationships, which are very destructive, that should be posted on here.

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