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Volunteer Spotlight: Nancy Rickard April 14, 2011

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FVPC provides numerous invaluable services to residents of Orange County, NC. Services include but are not limited to a 24 hour crisis hotline, support groups, childcare, safety planning and legal advocacy. With only three full time staff members we rely heavily on the passion and energy of our volunteers. This month we are focusing on our long time volunteer Nancy Rickard.

Q. How long have you been volunteering?

A. I’ve been volunteering at FVPC for five years.

Q. How did you learn about FVPC?

A. Soon after I moved here, I saw an ad on the grocery store bulletin board and called the volunteer coordinator.

Q. Why do you volunteer?

A.Volunteering gives back to the community and uses my strengths and education to help others. I also find great satisfaction in interacting with those whose lives have become enmeshed in life’s problems, as they sort out options and return to more healthy living.

Q.What have you learned (about yourself or others) by volunteering here?

A The resilience and ability to recover displayed in those who come to us is impressive. Working with younger people and seeing our ability to influence the lives of the abused is a joy.

Q. What would you tell prospective volunteers?

A. You have a chance to join a strong, supportive organization that will make good use of your time, talents and energy

Thank you for all you do Nancy!


One Response to “Volunteer Spotlight: Nancy Rickard”

  1. Stonecash Says:

    You’re awesome! Thanks for all the great work you do!!!

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