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Leading the “PAC”: UNC Feminists Meet to Discuss Cuts to Planned Parenthood Funding March 3, 2011

At 6pm today, in Dey 306, UNC-Chapel Hill Feminist Students United will be holding a community meeting to address recent legislation aimed at de-funding Planned Parenthood. Community members interested in becoming involved are encouraged to attend.

At 6pm today, in Dey 306, the political action committee (PAC) of UNC-CH Feminist Students United (FSU) will be meeting to discuss recent Congressional measures aimed at eliminating funding for federal, state, and local organizations that promote access and affordability of healthcare, family-planning, and survivors’ services.

Members of the community invited to the meeting will include social justice workers, students, and members of the general public concerned by the recent series of new legislation.

(Click here or here for directions, and assistance finding the meeting)

The meeting will focus primarily on new measures passed by the US House of Representatives to eliminate funding to Planned Parenthood locally and nationally, as well as measures designed to redefine rape.

At present, FSU does not have a specific plan to address these new measures, and today’s meeting is intended generate community-crafted ideas and solicit advice and information about appropriate responses.

But, by having committed and passionate people in the room together, and by raising community awareness of these measures, FSU and other women’s advocacy agencies can come up with strategies to push back against harmful policies that are threatening funding which helps protect the lives and well-being of millions.


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