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Being Proactive with Basic Safety Measures March 1, 2011

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Readers of the Daily Tar Heel may have been unnerved after reading this morning’s article, “Police looking for male intruder.” The article summarized two recent break ins during which a male intruder was found in the bedrooms of young women. All of the women involved were unharmed but the incidents are undeniably off-putting, perhaps especially because police are still searching for the man involved.

We would suggest that incidents such as these, frightening as they may be, can serve the needed purpose of reminding us to be aware and take what precautions we can to ensure our own safety. We would like to offer the following suggestions as sample ideas of what you can be doing to ensure your safety.

  • Always lock your doors at night and when you leave the home. If you live with others and they will be getting home after you go to bed, don’t leave the front door unlocked for them. Instead, make sure that everyone who lives in the house has their own key.
  • On a similar note, be aware of who has keys to your home. When deciding who to give a spare key think about your relationship with that person. Is that person trustworthy? How likely is it that you will be able to get in contact with them in the case of an emergency? If you have a temperamental relationship with someone you may want to reconsider giving them a key to your home.
  • Always know where your keys are. Having to fumble in a purse for keys will lessen your awareness of your surroundings, making you appear more vulnerable.
  • Trust your gut. If you feel like something just isn’t quite right, honor that feeling and take the appropriate action. Whether that means calling the police to report something suspicious, or telling a roommate about a concern, worry less about being judged and more about paying attention to something that feels unsettling to you.

What are some safety tips that you’ve found helpful? Please share in a comment below.


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