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Fraternity Brothers Active Bystanders in Preventing Assault February 4, 2011

Filed under: Allies,Beta Theta Pi,bystander intervention,rape prevention — Women's Studies Intern @ 10:44 am

Last week the brothers of Beta Theta Pi came to the aid of their cook after a stranger attempted to assault her and she cried out for help.  The assailant, Troy Watson, came to the Beta Theta Pi house claiming he was there to do work on the house, and then pulled the victim into a bathroom before she could confirm his story.  The fraternity brothers rushed to the scene to hold Watson down until the police came.

The Beta Theta Pi brothers’ behavior in coming to the aid of their cook is an excellent example of being active bystanders. The brothers’ actions saved a woman from an attack and illustrated the collective responsibility we have towards one another to step in to prevent violence.  If you’re interested in learning more about how to be an active bystander and preventing sexual assault or relationship violence check out the following training dates for One Act:

Tuesday, February 8 (5-9 pm)

Thursday, February 17 (5-9 pm)

Wednesday, February 23 (5-9 pm)

Email Leah Josephson at to sign up for One Act trainings or to find out about becoming involved as a peer educator or committee member.

The brothers of Beta Theta Pi show us that we can all play a role in preventing sexual and physical assault and that we have the responsibility to one another to do so.


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