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Following Up with “The Doctor”: Re-Visiting Dr. Phil’s Campaign to End Domestic Violence February 2, 2011

In September we posted a blog about Dr. Phil McGraw (here, photographed for the cover of Newsweek magazine by Jerry Avenaim), specifically related to his campaign and efforts to help assist the victims of domestic violence.

Last September, One In Four posted a blog about an initiative spearheaded by TV personality “Dr. Phil,” and his show that drew attention to the issue of domestic violence.

Among other things, Dr. Phil’s show also listed a number of ways that everyday Americans can get involved in helping to solve the issues, not the least of which was this form letter, designed to help viewers and regular people write to their Congressmen and representatives in order to push them to promote funding and legislative measures aimed at supporting the victims of domestic violence.

Another important way viewers and everyday citizens can become involved is by voting for the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV)’s entry into the Pepsi Refresh Challenge contest, the Amy’s Courage Fund.

Previously, we’ve already blogged about the Amy’s Courage Fund, but it bears repeating that it is a critical tool for helping victims of domestic violence re-establish themselves, get back on a firm and stable footing financially, in order to being helping themselves move forward and take charge of their own lives.  To learn more about the Amy’s Courage Fund, visit their website at the NNEDV website.  And if you want to get involved yourself, go to the Amy’s Courage Fund entry to the Pepsi Refresh Challenge and cast your vote to help support the victims of domestic violence.

To learn more about how YOU can help victims right now, right here in Orange County, visit our website at  Or for more information about the health impacts, and national statistics of domestic violence, go to Dr. Phil’s webite here.


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