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Finding Courage: New Funding Drive to Help National Charity Aid Victims of DV January 6, 2011

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Amy's Courage Fund is run through the National Network to End Domestic Violence, and provides financial assistance to victims of DV and their families. It is now elligible for $250K from the Pepsi Refresh Project.

This January, the Amy’s Courage Fund, an important source of financial assistance for thousands of DV victims and their families, is positioned to receive assistance from an unusual source: the Pepsi Cola Corporation.

A National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) initiative, the Amy’s Courage Fund provides emergency financial assistance for victims of domestic violence and their children as they flee abuse and attempt to rebuild their lives.

Victims like Kimberly, whose abuser slashed her car tires and broke the windshield of her car.  Without a working vehicle, Kimberly had no way to leave; but with help from Amy’s Courage Fund, she brought new tires and replaced her windshield.  “I couldn’t have done it without the help of Amy’s Courage Fund,” Kimberly said.  “There is life after abuse.”

To help Kimberly, and other victims like her who could benefit from Amy’s Courage Fund assistance, the Pepsi Refresh Project has placed the organization in the running for a $250,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project.

To do your part, and to help see this money going to needy families experiencing DV, go to the Pepsi Refresh Project’s website and cast your vote.  You can vote daily (up to ten times a day, but only once per cause per day), so be sure to bookmark the page and vote every day from now until January 31st.

But even after you vote, there are still other things you can do to stay involved:

  • Post on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.  and all of your social networking sites.
  • Vote every day, and set up a daily reminder on your calendar to help you keep track
  • Forward this email, and tell you friends and contacts why it is so important for them to support the work of NNEDV and Amy’s Courage Fund.
  • And visit our website, at, to learn what you can do to help victims of domestic violence right here, in Orange County.

Vote frequently, and vote often, and help us help the victims of domestic violence in your community.


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