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Dealing DV a Knockout Blow: A Boxer’s Fight to End Domestic Violence December 1, 2010

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Sergio Martinez (background) is not just a skilled middleweight fighter; he's also a long time supporter of the victims of DV

If there’s one thing Sergio Martinez knows, it’s how to defend himself.  At age 35,  the 160-lb Argentine is already the WBC Middleweight King, and is a primary contender for Fighter of the Year.  But out of the ring, Martinez also knows that while violence may have its place in the ring, it has NO place inside the home.

Over the next few days, Sergio Martinez will be leaving his home in Oxnard, CA for Las Vegas, where he will be visiting a women’s shelter and meeting with some of its victims.  Through an interpreter, Martinez explained his reasoning for taking up the cause of domestic violence:

“I believe it’s a very important issue in the world, and very few people do anything about it.  At least today, I can say something [about domestic violence], and people will listen to it.  And, I believe that it can really benefit society [as a whole].”

Indeed, says Martinez, whenever he has the chance to visit domestic violence centers, he takes it, and goes to great lengths to use his fame to support the victims and spread the word.

Even more surprising, is that Martinez insists that his home life was by all accounts a happy one, “full of love” and mutual support.  The point, he says, is not that domestic violence is a personal matter or one of great importance to him; rather, he believes that it’s a global matter, and one of great importance to all of society, affecting even people who were not witnesses and victims themselves.  His message is that more people need to think like he does on the issue, that rather assign blame, we should instead provide actual help to victims who are affected by it.  While Martinez doesn’t specify what kind of help he believes is essential, we know from his interview that, at minimum, his words help bring greater community awareness and education about the issue of domestic violence.

To learn more about how you might be a goodwill ambassador on behalf of domestic violence victims as one of our community education volunteers, click here.


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