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Getting “Real” about DV: Reality TV Star Sings about DV November 18, 2010

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Danielle Staub, whose new music video "Cry" hopes to draw attention to the nature of domestic violence

Danielle Staub, of Real New Jersey Housewives fame, recently released a clip of her new music video “Cry,” in which the reality TV diva hopes will let people “literally…be able to hear and feel what it’s like to be, not only mentally and sexually abused, or physically abused, but even in a relationship that went bad.” According to Radar Online, Ms. Staub shot scenes for the video at an actual domestic violence shelter in New Jersey, in what was described as a “very emotional” experience.  An article from Digital also indicated that all the proceeds from the track will be donated to charity.

While Real Housewives is not normally a source of much comfort for victims–which often features scenes that border on emotional and physical abuse themselves–it is telling that the issue of domestic violence is so pressing and important that it has permeated the “reality” of reality TV. Hopefully, by drawing attention to this issue through song, the efforts of Ms. Straub and other artists will inspire greater awareness in the land of reality TV and beyond.

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