One in Four…

Raising awareness about issues related to domestic & dating violence

“Silent Witness”: Be Silent No More October 27, 2010

Silent Witness is a national initiative to raise awareness of domestic violence. Each red figure cutout contains an actual victim’s name and story.

Last week (Oct. 11-15) saw a new, if temporary addition to the UNC – Chapel Hill Student Union Building: a series of cardboard cutouts of women (and men) with breastplates bearing the names of actual victims of domestic violence, and their personal struggles and stories.

The cutouts were part of FVPC’s ongoing partnership with UNC’s student communities, among them Project Dinah and the Carolina Women’s Center, as part of our continuing efforts to raise awareness of domestic and relationship violence, and the plight of its victims.

The cutouts will be on display in various places throughout UNC’s campus, so for those of you who missed it, you still have the chance to get involved and become part of a campus-wide discussion about domestic and relationship  violence. This week (Oct. 18-22), the Silent Witnesses will be on display at the School of Public Health. Then, in the last week of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October 25-29), the Silent Witnesses cutouts will be visible at the UNC Law School.

Unlike last year, the figures will be out all day every day for the entire month. And while we may not have tables and representatives out all day, to pass out information or answer questions, passersby are encouraged to come up and read the Silent Witness stories, and engage observers in discussion about the subject.  Respectful photos with the Silent Witnesses are allowed, but participants are reminded not to touch or handle the cutouts in any way, as this may damage them.

For more information about Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Silent Witness, and how you can help, visit our website at, or go to the Silent Witness National Initiative website here.


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