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White House Shows its Support of DV–Or at least, of DV Volunteers October 3, 2010

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President Barack Obama and a group of White House Interns, one of whom was Kristina, a former FVPC volunteer

Today FVPC has the pleasure of announcing that one of our former volunteers, Kristina Broadie, has now completed her tenure with the White House Internship program.

Before she was gracing the South Lawn with her tireless enthusiasm and boundless energy–before she was prepping for Presidential visits or rubbing elbows with Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Jim Messina and even Vice President Biden himself–Kristina was an overnight volunteer.  Kristina took regular overnight shifts, manning the hotlines during our out-of-office hours, fielding calls from clients wanting information and dealing with crisis management alike.  Indeed, she tells us that it was her experiences at FVPC that helped her get into the White House program in the first place, and she credits her essay on DV and her time with FVPC as the driving force behind her acceptance into the internship program.

Like many of our volunteers, Kristina has consistently shown a commitment to serving her community, one which extended even beyond her time here at FVPC.  Shortly after graduating Duke, she applied for and was accepted into The White House Internship.  While there, she not only performed her duties brilliantly–even flying out to Wisconsin to prep a rural town for a presidential visit–but also led a small-group service project while working at the White House.  In recognition of her efforts and leadership, President Barack Obama met with Kristina and several other interns in person, and shook their hands.

To learn more about domestic violence and how you can help support the victims of domestic violence like Kristina, come to LUNAFEST on Thursday October 7th 6:30 pm at The Varsity on Franklin.  Perhaps getting involved with domestic violence–perhaps by sponsoring a cellphone drive or helping at a fundraising event–can help you realize your own dreams.


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