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Volunteer Spotlight: Jackie H. July 20, 2010

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FVPC is a small organization in the number of staff we have on hand (just 4 full-time and 2 part-time staff) but a gigantic organization when it comes to volunteers and the passion that they have for the work we all do.  As I gear up for volunteer training (starting September 7!), I started to reflect on all the folks that do so much for us, free of charge and out of great love.  Periodically, this blog will spotlight one of those volunteers.  This post is the first.

Name? Jackie Helvey

What do you do for FVPC? Website design and maintenance

How long have you been volunteering with FVPC? “Not sure! A few years.”

Why do you do this work? “I used the FVPC in 2002 when ending a bad marriage, and always wanted to pay them back for all the help they gave me when I had nothing. They went to court with me, provided free group counseling, helped me in so many ways. This is how I pay them back.”

And, we are so lucky to have her!  Jackie’s business UniqueOrn Enterprises is here. Check it out! Thanks, Jackie, for all you do.


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