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A barrier those reading this blog most likely do not face June 16, 2010

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Last week’s issue of The Independent features an important article on the rising need for greater, more varied services for immigrants.  The focus is on Wake County’ specifically where we learn that the  “Hispanic & Latino (same group,  by the way) population… has more than doubled in the past decade to more than 70,000.”  The fact that there is an increased demand for services is not news to those in any county in North Carolina,  however.  According to an April article in the DTH, Orange County’s Latino population alone increased by 50% from 2000-2008.  This statistic doesn’t include the large number of East Asian immigrants who also live in our county.

FVPC works with clients of all ethnicities and races, from all socio-economic backgrounds and education levels.  We know that domestic violence, in spite of what many people still think, is an equal opportunity offense.  Victims come to our office, referred by the local police, university officials, their church pastor and their best friend.  As a small agency, we do the best we can in helping those who are reaching out for the first time, a more difficult task to be sure for those who do not speak English. Can you imagine being in an abusive relationship and also not knowing English well enough to communicate with one of our hotline advocates?  How frustrating.

Help us help those whose first language isn’t English!  We are currently looking for people who speak Spanish, Karen, Arabic.  If you speak one of these languages or another and are able to serve as an on-call translator of that language for us, please contact me at: vccoordinator(at)


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