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Volunteers Faciliate Children’s Group May 4, 2010

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FVPC Volunteers gather for a quick smile at the end of the 8-week group. Volunteers provided childcare and facilitated adult and children's groups.

Two FVPC volunteer advocates recently finished their final session facilitating an 8-week coping skills group for children residing in a Chapel Hill transitional housing facility.

Using a hands-on approach that integrated the arts, the group equipped children with a basic skill set that will enable them to be more resilient to transitions in their life, and to trauma they may have experienced. The facilitators used sketching, coloring, playing games and discussion to cover a variety of topics including self-esteem building, leadership skills, understanding different types of families, abuse in families, coping with anger, sexual abuse, and safety. Children ranging in ages 4-11 years old were divided into two age-appropriate groups for the 8-week session.

“We experienced a huge success with the children’s program,” said one facilitator.  “Every time I arrived, I had kids eagerly asking me, ‘When is group going to start?!’ I feel confident that we have helped to equip these children with various coping skills, which will prove beneficial for
years to come.”

At the end of the session, students from UNC’s Operation Building Courage club gave personalized Build-A-Bears to each child.

UNC students prepare to deliver personalized bears to their new home! Each bear was  customized to suit the child’s likes and interests.

Operation Building Courage is a service club whose goal is to
bring joy to the lives of children who are undergoing hardships,” says Lindsay Koloff, a UNC student with Operation Building Courage.

“Originally, building courage in the lives of pediatric oncology patients
was our main goal,” Koloff says. “After several months, we realized that we could do more in the community.”

The students were able to hand deliver the bears on the last night of the group.  Thank you to our volunteers, and to Operation Building Courage!


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