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Raising awareness about issues related to domestic & dating violence

SoUL CoLLaGe April 7, 2010

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One of the services that we offer to our female clients is support group. Traditionally, we have 2-3 support groups going on, one of which is a drop-in group in a confidential, safe location that clients can attend for free. This group usually meets for 90 minutes once per week. The other kind of group that we offer is time-limited in nature. This means that clients register for the group, there are a set number of sessions (anywhere from 4-8) and the women in the group don’t change. Our support groups are always free.

Starting Sunday April 11 and running for 4 weeks, we will offer a new time-limited group to clients. This group will explore the creative side of participants by using a process called Soul Collage. Participants walk away with a deck of cards that reflect different aspects of their personality which have been collaged together. The group size is limited to 8. Childcare is provided, as always, for free. If you or a woman you know has experienced any form of relationship violence, please contact us at the office 929-7122 for more information about joining the Soul Collage group.


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