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The dangers of sexting March 25, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Elizabeth Johnson @ 1:11 pm

By now we are all pretty aware that images and words put out into the virtual world, whether by email, our Twitter feed, by blog or cell phone, live on well beyond the click of the “send” button. Still, it can be hard to resist the temptation of putting your mark on the world. And, the more recent trend of sexting just underscores those dangers.

Sexting-the act of sending sexual images of yourself or someone else to another person via your mobile phone or computer–is an especially hot trend among teens. A recent article in the New York Times, however, discusses just how dangerous this can be for the sender. Imagine being labeled a sex offender at age 17…a label which stays with you for the rest of your life. Suddenly, your whole future academic and professional careers have been jeopardized. The bottom line? Think before you send anything out into the world. Don’t risk being labeled an offender for life.


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